About The Bold Brunette

About The Bold BrunetteHi, I’m Christina Galbato!

I’m a self-made luxury & adventure travel blogger, photographer and serial wanderluster. I am passionate about telling stories from around the world and inspiring others to travel.

On The Bold Brunette, I show you the best luxury experiences and accommodations around the world, give you curated destination guides and travel tips, and write about my personal travel & life experiences.

What’s my story?

My love story with travel began at a very young age.

My first domestic trip was at seven months to Sanibel Island, Florida. My first international trip was at age six to Montreal, Canada.

Fast forward to college graduation day and I had, among other milestones, attended an olive oil tasting in Vodnjan, Croatia and taught basic astronomy to young children at a rural school in Pailin, Cambodia. I kayaked through rivers in Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica and clubbed in Mykonos, Greece. I ate top-notch ramen in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and got severely, severely carsick on the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii.

Long story short, I had developed an insatiable hunger for culture and curiosity for this world. I didn’t realize how potent a case of wanderlust I had, though, until I found myself in a post-college corporate job, dreaming all day about where I wanted to go.

Through my travels, I learned that there is nothing like the shift in perspective that comes from exploring an unfamiliar place and learning from a new culture. Nothing like the rush of emotion that comes from talking to a person radically different from yourself and becoming aware of those universal human truths that connect us all. Travel is the single most formative and rewarding experience a human being can have. It is the path to self-discovery and transformation, and the best way to learn about yourself and your place in this world.

I realized just one year into my first corporate job that, for me, it’s always been and will always be about travel. I knew that exploring the world and sharing my experiences with others was my ultimate passion.

So, one day, I stopped dreaming and started doing.

I started The Bold Brunette as a pure passion project, worked hard and now, one year later, circle the globe full-time, writing and photographing my experiences!

About The Bold Brunette

(for a more detailed timeline of my journey, read this)!

What does ‘bold’ mean?

The idea of “being bold” is something that has stuck with me from the very beginning.

To me, “being bold” means being in the driver’s seat and not playing small with your life. It means taking charge of your future for the sole reason that life is way too short to not spend it doing exactly what you love. It means working relentlessly hard to turn your passions and dreams into your reality.

Aside from travel, one of my biggest passions in life is helping others to realize, pursue and achieve their dream lives. I do this by helping aspiring (and current!) social media influencers, bloggers and entrepreneurs succeed. Check out my services here!

I would love it if you followed along with my adventures!

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The world awaits…