Sweet Chick: NYC EATS

After having eaten an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner at Altesi Ristorante {post here} just the night before, I felt ready to indulge in another amazing meal come brunch-time the next morning.

I finally selected Sweet Chick as the brunch destination of choice.

Sweet Chick NYC

We both order spiked lemonades. I order a Mexican Coke (in the signature bottle, which I was very excited about) and my date ordered an Orange Creme Soda. Very old-school and Southern vibes.

I ordered the chicken and waffles (obviously). My date ordered the special that day, which was a bourbon-glazed chicken and waffle sandwich with an arugula salad.

We ordered a side of the Biscuits & Gravy w/ Sausage. It came first and was great. Very hearty and filling with great flavors. There’s two versions of the biscuits & gravy, but absolutely go with the sausage.

Now for the main event:

Sweet Chick NYC

The waffles were waffles. Nothing extraordinary about them, except the 3 choices of butter (herb, berry and lemon) that they came with.

But the chicken… was so… good. The outside was so perfectly crispy and the chicken was so perfectly moist. And adding that extra little drizzle of maple syrup honestly made this a religious, savory-sweet experience of a meal.

All in all, Sweet Chick is a very unique spot that you all should be checking out at least once. I don’t think it qualifies as your weekly go-to brunch spot, but if you’re ever craving Southern food and want a fun environment, head here.

(And send me your chicken pics).

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